Thursday, February 3, 2011


Grab a cup of cocoa (add anything you like, it's your cocoa) and sit back, for I am about to tell you the story of the "ouch".

In 2003 I graduated from college (Go Dragons!) and embarked on that journey known as "Moving out of your parents house for the first REAL time". Let's be honest, college furniture doesn't count. I found a fantastic apartment and moved my meager belongings in. I do mean meager. One pickup truckload and I was done.

I moved into that apartment with a bed, dresser, kitchen table, 13" television and two camping chairs.

It was fantastic. I wish I had more pictures of that place, as it really was a great space, but alas, it was before the days of digital cameras and the film pictures have been lost.

BFF and I sat on those camping chairs for a long time. (no, we didn't live together, just spent a lot of time at my place) And I do mean, a long time. Six months after I moved in, I finally found it. THE couch. It was red. RED! Many, many people trued to convince me that I would hate having a red couch, but I wasn't swayed. My aunt offered me the use of her store credit card, and I bought that baby. I made regular payments for 6 months and paid that sucker off before paying a dime of interest. Big step for me, the brand-new adult.

There she is. That is my second apartment, another fantastic space, though the neighbors left much to be desired. 

So why the ouch? Well, when planning a weekend in town with three of my out-of-town friends, I sent T an email offering her the use of my comfy red couch for the weekend. Except, in my zeal for having friends in town, I typed fast and instead offered here the use of my "comfy red ouch!" She promptly replied with some hesitation about sleeping for two nights on something deemed an "ouch". It's been the red ouch ever since. 

M, BFF, and J chilling on the ouch. M is always cold, pretty sure this was late summer, and she needed a blanket.
This is one of my all-time favorite pictures, and it's on my desk at work.
Not sure what I was thinking with that stylish blanket...

I included this one, simply because of the pretty, pretty balloons.

Do you have a favorite, most beloved furniture piece? Have you had to say goodbye? 

I'm not sure how I'll do it. *sniff*

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  1. It is crazy how sentimental we can become about inanimate objects. Do you remember that Ikea ad about the lamp? Now that, was heartbreaking.



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