Sunday, February 20, 2011

30 Days: A photo taken more than 10 years ago

Back in my middle school (then called junior high) days, my friend Kristin and I spent a week of every summer working at the county fair in Hennepin County.

This photo is very orange, and very old, I was maybe 13? And Kristin 15? This photo also makes me wonder why I thought I was fat!

Also, why were we wearing sweaters in July?


  1. I'm more curious why you would hang out at the Hennepin County Fair. They hid it way out in Corcoran for a reason.

  2. My friend Kristin, in the picture, was in 4H, and her mom was pretty much in charge of the fair from the 4H side.

    There were also lots of cute farm boys there.



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