Monday, January 3, 2011

whoomp, there it is

So, because of my itchy, rashy, painfully burning legs, I have to wear very loose-fitting pants. Today, I opted for a comfy, baggy pair of jeans. (I rarely wear denim to work, but felt this warranted an exception)

I also opted for a cute, kitten-heeled pair of brown shoes I don't have to wear socks or stockings with. (I hate socks).

These baggy pants are quite long. Which doesn't mesh so well with kitten heels.

As I was walking from the cafeteria to my classroom (I forgot a fork for my salad), my heel caught in my jeans, and WHOOMP, down I went. Flat on me bum. I laughed it off with a  couple of students who saw me fall, and continued on my merry way to my classroom. I dug into my salad with my newly acquired fork, and realized, dang, my elbow really hurts. Ouch. I turned in my chair and saw blood. All over my desk. Pulling up my sleeve, I saw a deep gash in my arm.

Attempts to clean the wound were futile, so, being I work in a school, I headed down to the nurse where she patched me up with steri-strips and a band-aid, though she debated making me go for stiches. (It's really, really deep).

Welcome back to school after break!

Warning, the next picture is a little icky.


I mean it. There's red stuff.


You asked for it!

Ok. Here, a gratuitous dog picture instead.

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