Friday, January 28, 2011

There's no crying in baseball!

Last weekend, on Sunday, N and I headed to the Ben Folds/Street Corner Symphony concert along with three of our friends. I'll get to the concert itself in a minute.

Before dinner we headed to Roy Smalley's '87 Club for dinner and drinks. I'd been here once before, for the grand opening, which was served buffet style, so we didn't get to choose what we ate, though the food was great. It's also where I met Roy Smalley himself (this will mean nothing to someone who isn't a nerdy Twins fan), and upon meeting him, he said "Nice to meet you Dm" And I replied, "Nice to meet you too, and it's nice to meet your hair."

Bold? Perhaps, but seriously:
That's some serious hair.

Back to last Sunday, we met our friends at Smalley's where we had some great, great food, delicious beer (Bell's Hop Slam, try it) and a few trips to the bathroom.

My friend T was the first to go to the bathroom and upon returning she said "It's like a League of Their Own in there!" So of course, I had to go check it out. This is what I found:

How cool is that?? If you haven't seen A League of Their Own, it probably doens't mean much to you, but we thought it was very cool.

After dinner we headed over to First Ave. First Ave is a piece of local pride, a smallish concert venue where you can find independent acts, and a lot of big names as well. Many artists have played or even gotten their start at First Ave, including Prince, Rod Stewart, Chubby Checker, Joe Cocker, U2, Run DMC, and many, many others.

Ben Folds is a fairly well known artist, though he's never really hit the "big time", and he's one of my absolute favorite artists. N and I went to a Ben Folds concert at First Ave for our first date, actually. He's now one of the judges on NBC's, "The Sing Off" and touring for his new album "Lonely Avenue" a collaboration with Nick Hornby (of High Fidelity fame).

The concert itself was fantastic. Folds is doing a project where he is creating an a capella song by having each one of the audiences at his concerts singing a portion of the song. We got to be a part of that, and I can't wait to see how they put it all together. (He's posting the parts on youtube, you can search for it)

The opening act was Street Corner Symphony, one of the a cappella acts on The Sing Off, while they didn't win, they're still incredibly talented and they performed well. (Though they were kind of squished on the stage thanks to the small venue and the big 'ole piano waiting for Ben.)

Do you have a little piece of local pride in your 'hood? Ask anyone in the twin cities if they have a memory of First Ave and they probably do. Have you ever met a "celebrity"? Have you ever heard of Ben Folds?

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