Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolve, I has it.

Sarah's comment in my last post made me think a little bit about resolutions. I've not usually made resolutions, because I pretend to be strong enough to change whenever I want.

I'm not.

So I took a shot at making some actual resolutions. My post below really was just meant to be a to-do list. I think of resolutions as more personal.

1. Really get a handle on what kind of food I'm eating. Learn what is in the food I'm buying and eating.
2. Get back in the habit of using our table for meals. We used to be awesome at this, but are now terrible about it and continually eat out.
3. Be more vain. This sounds weird, doesn't it? But I'm lazy. Clean, but lazy. I shower daily, but usually pull my hair back and throw my glasses on instead of doing my hair (and, hey, I have cute hair) and putting in my contacts. Number 1 on my my 101 list is learn how to apply makeup. Maybe I need to invite my old Mary Kay lady over to teach me some things. (She did my makeup for my wedding, I never learned how to do it myself)
4. Lose 10 pounds. Being completely honest, there's a lot more than 10 pounds that should go, but a small goal is a good goal, me thinks.
5. Related to that, get back into the gym. We both, N and I, used to be great at going to the gym, at least twice, if not three times a week. We suck at it now. I'm aiming for once a week in Jan and twice a week after that.

You heard it here first.

What are your resolutions? Sarah shared hers already. . .


  1. Additionally, I now resolve to use my egg rings at least once per week.

    Success! Perfect size/shape to sit atop a Bagel Thin. I'm in love.

  2. Here are mine

    Similar to yours. I'm kinda with you one #3, I only use contacts for "special occasions" and only do any real makeup when I feel like it...and I'm not totally sure I'm doing it "right".

    Totally with you on #4 though. I agree, I have more than 10 to lose, but the big picture is easier to manage if you portion it out.

  3. I dont have any. I am too lazy to think of any that I havent had before the new year started. But I have to say those 2011 characters in your blog look smarmy.

    Though I would like to learn how to apply make up. Dawn you should have a mary kay party. Ya know in like july when you are not busy;)

  4. Exercising more and with a treadmill in the living room, I've no excuse.



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