Monday, January 17, 2011

Operation Organization 2011

In this post, I laid out my plans for house projects this year. January looks like this:

finish the blang-darned shower!
get a good start on organizing the closets around here.
hang photos in basement
N and I had a long weekend this weekend, in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. and decided this would be a good weekend to continue the tacking of the shower. That project continues to be way more than we anticipated, we're now trying to solve the problem of the mortar on the floor never.ever.drying. making it difficult to grout the tiles, and to have everything be water-sealed so we can use the sucker again. Sharing a bathroom is so fun!

We're still trouble shooting there, so Sunday night I decided to tackle the first closet on my closet list. The front coat closet. In this closet you could find a guitar, boxes of picture frames, tennis rackets, mail (our mailbox opens into our house, in, you guessed it, the coat closet) a few coats, an old humidifier, a box of high school memorabilia (mine) my portfolio from a misguided stint as an art major, and two boxes of books to be donated.

what wouldn't you find? The majority of our coats (those were housed in the sweatshop), any shoes, any hats, or any scarves, you know, the things you would expect to find in a coat closet.

Well, now you can find those things in there. Now it looks like this:

And, a little refresher of what it looked like before.

Much better, huh? Me like.


  1. I like that kirby's costume is hanging up in there just in case she needs to grab it on the way out the door:)

  2. I like the shoe storage and storage boxes that appear to be made of clothe. I need to hire you to help me organize/clean :)



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