Saturday, January 29, 2011

Last steps...

Ages ago, we started working on what we lovingly referred to as the sweatshop. This room had to come together with very, very little to start with. We had little to no furniture to work with, the only thing I had planned for the room was the cradle my uncle had made me as a little girl. (His name, incidentally? John Hughes. Hee. Obviously not the John Hughes, but still. John Hughes is my uncle)

So I developed a battle plan:
1. Build a bed. I'd been lusting over Pottery Barn's Stratton daybed for AGES. Never in my life would I be able to justify the 1025 (after shipping) dollar price tag. So when Ana White developed the plans for it here, I was thrilled beyond belief.

2. Find a dresser.

3. A writing desk. I've always believed that a good guest room has a spot for people to sit down and jot a note if they need to.

4. A classy chair for the writing desk.

5. A mirror. Like the desk, I believe that every guest room has a beautiful mirror for guests to check themselves out in before they walk out the door.

6. Wall art - because every room needs to feel like home.

So, I got to work. My friend B and I worked tirelessly one day last summer cutting wood and getting that bed built. I found an inexpensive white writing desk at wal-mart, I re-purposed a chair and recovered it for the desk. I commandeered a dresser from my mother after searching craigslist proved futile.

My biggest roadblocks were wall art and a mirror. For wall art, I ended up buying a $1.00 calendar at Michael's. While I haven't gotten around to framing it, I'm confident it will look great.

Today, I finally got my mirror. I had to talk N into letting me drop the funds on it, it's easily the most expensive single thing we've bought for any decorating endeavors we've undertaken in this house. Other than the flatscreen, but that's not really decor...

I found it on and it was delivered today. This picture is from the website, but I have the actual thing warming up in the living room.

It's even prettier in person.



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