Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I always wanted to join the cool kids club

But I was always just a little too weird. Ah, well, I'll just join the club of people making new year's to-do list. aside from my ultimate to-do list, and my house project list, I do have a few things I absolutely want to get done month-by-month this year.

finish the blang-darned shower!
get a good start on organizing the closets around here.
hang photos in basement

finish the closet organization
that's it. What? it's a short month, give me a break

The living room. This shouldn't require any big purchases, just paint and a couple art pieces, and maybe some lighting, so hopefully we can get this done on a fairly cheap budget

Fix tile in bathroom upstairs
Hang pictures on stairwell picture wall

Install the rainbarrel, once and for all
plant the vegetable garden, after elevating it

Get rid of the sandbox in the yard
finish up the seams and painting of the bed for the guest room

Expand the patio
rip out front bushes and replant

finish the patio (let's be honest, it's going to take awhile)
annual game-day party

September is all for setting up my classroom. Here's hoping I'm lucky enough to have one again in September!

begin tackling the master bedroom, Since we have no idea what we want in here, I think it's going to take awhile

This is all of course, only related to the house, and doesn't have anything to do with other aspects of life such as parties, repairs that pop up, goals for the year, or the 101 in 1001 list items unrelated to the house.

I'm feeling pretty ambitious with this list. What's on your to do list for the year?

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  1. We're calling this a to-do list, but they're ultimately the dreaded "New Year's Resolutions", right? I have five.

    1. Lose my "last ten pounds" by March.
    2. Run St. Patty's Day 5-Miler.
    3. Complete MBA and explore job market/options.
    4. Figure out my relationship.
    5. Make my home "mine". Paint where still needed and get some pics up on the walls!! It still pretty much looks like it did the day I moved in.



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