Monday, January 10, 2011

Cool kids club membership application

In this post, I listed out the projects I plan/hope to tackle this year. I realized yesterday morning that it's already nine days into January, leaving me a mere 22 days to get the basement shower finished AND get the closets cleaned out AND get the photos hung up in the basement.

Since it was a lazy Sunday, I wanted to catch up on my TV watching and watch me some Psych on demand. So, in the interests of being able to do some of the lazy things I wanted to do, I decided to start on tackling the closets on the main level of our home.

They need it.

coat closet
bathroom (this room is so small I had to stand in the tub and tilt the camera to get the picture)
office closet (yes, those are both wedding dresses. don't judge)
guest room. FKA "The sweatshop"
the other side of the guest room closet

Seriously, I'm embarrassed by these photos, they're horrific, oh my. Hopefully, posting them here will encourage me to actually tackle these babies so I can show you the beauties that they can be.

What's the first project you're tackling in this new year?

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