Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Organization challenge: week 3 - 5 months later. Maybe we should just call it week one redux.

So, remember when I was all gung-ho about being organized? I was going to keep my sinks clean, and read all my magazines?

Yeah, well, I did finally finish my magazines, only it took me about 5months. (I just read my last Real Simple a couple days ago. Really. It took me that long. And, frankly, I'd really rather not discuss the current state of my sinks.

So I'm starting over. The rest of December is for deep cleaning. We need to get this place whipped into shape for the new year, (including that blasted basement shower) and then in the spirit of resolutions, we'll get going on our cleaning schedule/organization challenge.

All right. Here we go. Clean that living room! Finish that shower! Vacuum up those pine needles from the wreath!

Maybe after a cup of hot cocoa.

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