Friday, December 10, 2010

Ok. Really. We mean it this time. It's going to get done.

Paul Douglas's model of our anticipated storm via StarTribune

Apparently,we're in for a doozy of a snowfall this weekend. N and I have decided to make this an excellent opportunity to turn our this:
Into something a little more like this:
Ok. I think we all know that transformation isn't going to happen. But, we would like to get our shower made all pretty and new and shiny. So we're going to take advantage of the likelihood we'll be snowed in to finish that puppy off tomorrow.

I'm hoping that posting this here makes us actually do it. Because now we'll be held accountable.



  1. I think you should def make it look like that second picture!

  2. I'm so over this cold weather already, but I'm finding this hibernation thing is making me a bit more productive around the house.

  3. I am watching you. You better get it done or face the wrath of Mayhem Miller!



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