Monday, November 22, 2010

Tryptophan Thursday

What kind of Turkey do you have planned for Thursday? (If you're in the US. If you're not, well, what are you eating?)

Aside from your menu, what kinds of things do you have planned for the holiday this week?

Growing up, our Thanksgivings were always huge, gigantic, dozens-of-people-invited family affairs. We would travel to one of the aunts houses, and we would all gather around the living room couch or table, or the floor, piano bench or stairs even (because no one in our family has a table for 40 people) and spend the day together.

This sounds fantastic, right? Well, I hated them. I hated Thanksgiving as a kid, and it's still not my favorite holiday. I don't really know, but let's just say I empathize(d) with Chandler Bing.

The irony is that now, since my grandparents died, my family has split off for holidays, and I actually kind of miss it. This year, Hubs and I will be at home, just the two of us (I think, we invited a few people, but I don't think they'll be showing up, totally welcome if they do though*) and I'm looking forward to the quiet, but a small part of me wishes our family still had a big, boisterous bash.

So, here it will just be Hubs and me, our turkey, various accoutrement and a couple pies.

What are your plans? And what's your favorite holiday?

*update, three of my cousins are coming over, which is good, because Hubs and I do not need two pies. I'd better go get a turkey though, or we'll be eating that long-loved "Thanksgiving spaghetti" you've heard so much about.

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  1. I'm staying home and watching the weather people go into total meltdown mode about how it's snowing and nobody should travel at all. Like anyone can get anywhere with the freeways closed and the airport cancelling pretty much all flights. Good news to anyone trying to travel to/from Salt Lake City International, at least you won't have to worry about any TSA agents groping you. I never watch the weather because apparently it all ends at the Utah border, but this makes for some excellent television.



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