Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recipe 7 of 12: White Chicken Chili

I snagged this adapted Epicurious recipe from Elizabeth, and adapted it a little more. My adaptations, of course, stem more from laziness than taste though.

[no photo, sorry. Look at the links above for a picture]

We liked it. Well, I did. It's a little creamy for my chili-tastes, so next time I think I'll add even more chicken broth and leave the bean juice in.And I think the tabasco is a need, because it was definitely not spicy enough for my tastes.

Bottom line, we'll try it again, but with a few changes.

adaptations: black pepper for white (no white in sight), 1 cup chicken broth to thin it out a bit, all white meat for chicken, left out the tabasco

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