Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Or feel like it anyway. It's a chilly 51 degrees in our house today, and if anything, it's affirmed my belief that I could not live in a time period without modern amenities, like heat.

So the dogs and I are off to my mom's for the day, because I can't get a fire going, and I'm kind of sick of sitting in the living room with the crappy tv anyway.

So for today:
See you tomorrow! Hopefully Joe the HVAC guy will be available to come out tomorrow and fix us up. (We got a recommendation from a family member for a reliable dude)

I think I'll wait until after the episode of "The Vanilla Ice Project" though. Something tells me my mom doesn't want to watch this...

update: joe the heating guy is coming over between 9-11 today (Monday) to  warm it up in here!

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