Thursday, November 4, 2010

I got my toy!

I received my fancy new Dremel 8000-03 yesterday. (I talked about it here) It looks a lot like this:
image from

I was so excited, I ran right downstairs to plug in the battery for charging, as I knew it would need a couples hours. In the meantime, I started getting it ready with the bit I needed to do my project of grout removal.

Immediately, I ran into a snag. I needed a bigger collet. A collet (collett?) is essentially a holder for the arm of the rotary attachment you need to use. My Dremel came with a 1/8 inch collett. The accessory arm I need uses a larger collett.

In fact, not one attachment that came with my Dremel uses a 1/8 inch collett. So I essentially spent ~$70 on a tool I can't use without spending even more money.

Bad form, Dremel. Bad form.


  1. That is so not cool. Bad form, indeed.

  2. Those asshats. Did you call and confirm that this is indeed how the product was supposed to be sent to you and not some packing snafu?



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