Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Touristy: The Hockey Hall of Fame in Eveleth, Mn. Eveleth?? Also, a really big stick.

Oh! It's the US Hockey Hall of Fame! A couple weeks ago, Hubs and I headed up north to Virginia, MN to visit his grandmother who lives in Hibbing. She ended up with a nasty, nasty case of the flu, so we ended up not being able to see her, but we spent the weekend with Uncle Jim and Aunt Denise, and in addition to a great street dance we were also able to spend an afternoon at the United States Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum.

Hubs, hanging out on Zamboni #3
I admit, I didn't have extremely high expectations for the place, but it was, in actuality, a pretty good piece of space. It wasn't limited to United States pieces of hockey trivia, but had plenty of people from around the world, including a lot of Herb Brooks memorabilia, a figure important not only to national hockey, but to Minnesotans.

In the rear, folks. Sharpened and repaired.

Upstairs there was a net and a speed gun set up, so you could hit a slapshot as hard as you could. I started out pretty low, around 20-23 miles per hour, but my high topped out at 34, a number I was very proud of. 
Of course, Hubs just had to jump in and beat me, but only by two miles per hour, so I'm still pretty proud of my number.
There was a very nice tunnel of hockey history, going all the way back to Native American versions of the game played long before we ever had a flat puck.
After we left the museum, we took a little tour of Eveleth, and found ourselves a really big stick.
It bills it'self as the world's largest hockey stick, and was actually re-built in 2002, adding three feet to the length. I had to turn the camera to get it all in, and I was standing across the street, backed up against a building, so there was no farther to go. I still didn't get it all in, you can see the bottom is cut off a bit.

It was a fun experience, maybe not the most culture-filled museum anyone will ever go to, but it was fun!

What kind of "tourist" attractions are in your home state?



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