Monday, October 11, 2010

Remember the time?

er, the daybed?

Well, I did build it. Mostly. In my rush to get it done, I painted half of it, and didn't even buy the trim.

Well, this week, that changes. Last weekend, my mom and I went and bought a bunch of 1x2's and a couple 1x4's and Sunday, we cut and mitered the pieces needed for the fronts and sides. (In other news, miter saw. WANT.) Sunday night, I started putting the pieces together and drilling the holes for the screws, when WhAM. My drill battery died. No worries, I have a spare!

The spare was/is dead too. So I slapped those puppies on the charger and hope to get back and finish it this week! I have a houseguest Tuesday - Friday and two houseguests + a dog on Wednesday night, but by Sunday next, dangnabbit, I want that trim on the bed! Another coat of paint, and we'll be set.

I hope. I'm excited to finish this project and FINALLY get around to finishing that room!

1 comment:

  1. Ohh, please tell me you're going to post pictures when you get it finished!



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