Monday, October 4, 2010

101 in 1001, #47 - check!

Saturday, I spent the afternoon walking dogs at an adoption event for Homeward Bound. At the end of the day, This gal was still not adopted, so I loaded her into my car and we headed for home.

She has some issues to work through, she's incredibly shy and absolutely needs another dog in the house to show her how things are done in a dog's life. But we have a great dog for that, and the time and patience to work with her on things, so we're hoping we can mold her into an adoptable dog and send her off to her forever home.

She's already doing great, she had no break in her eating or drinking habits (something she's done before) and she's meandering the house checking things out.

chillin' in the kitchen


  1. You're burning through these tasks and doing some awesome stuff. Go DM!

  2. She's so cute! I'm sure she'll learn a lot living with you. I hope she finds her forever home soon!

  3. I love her eyes. I think it is so much easier to train, and make a dog adoptable, if you already have a good role model in the house. Keep us updated!



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