Monday, August 2, 2010

Recipe 6 of 12: Lemon Rolls - breakfast style

A few days ago, dear friend S sent me a recipe for lemon rolls, with an entreaty to try them on my new recipes mission, and being a lemon lover, I jumped at the chance. The recipe makes 12 rolls, so she wasn't eager to bake them and then have 11 leftovers staring her in the face since her family is (or was, I'm fuzzy on the deets) out of town. Had they been in tow, I'm certain she would have jumped right in, invited the fam over and loaded everyone up with sugar and lemony goodness.

I jumped at the chance to make them right away, having Grandma here last weekend, and having some visitors for the morning on Saturday, it was the perfect day to bake them and not have a bajillion leftovers taunting me.

I made the dough on Friday afternoon, and put them in the fridge, planning to take them out on Saturday morning for baking. This worked well, though I had to put them on the warm oven to do some more raising, since they came out so cold and took forever to warm up.

When I pulled them out of the oven, they were a nice golden brown, and waiting for the lemon cream cheese glaze.
Glazed up and ready to eat:
Verdict: I would absolutely recommend these to anyone who loves lemon. If you don't love lemon, I'd still recommend them, but I would sub some almond extract for the lemon juice in the glaze, I may do that the next time I make them, just to try it out, these are very lemony.


  1. I am SO giving these a whirl this weekend. I'll totally freeze the leftovers.

  2. Sarah sent me the recipe also, but I'm going to wait for cooler weather. My oven is on vacation until the temps hit the 60's :)



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