Tuesday, August 3, 2010

party prep

This weekend is the big game party, where we invite pretty much everyone we've ever met, and anyone else too, and we spend the day grilling and playing outdoor games. Last year we got croquet, badminton, kickball and bocce ball done. This year, we're hoping to get those and more played during the day. We grill, and everyone brings a dish to share too.

So, this week, we're doing our best to knock out all those things we wanted to get done this summer. Of the original list, only three things were for the outdoors:

1. build an outdoor buffet for the patio
2. finish shoveling the dirt from the former elevated garden
3. seed the newly uncovered dirt area

(a refresher of where the backyard started)

Building that outdoor buffet was an immense accomplishment in my mind, because not only did I build it from scratch, but I also designed it, from my brain to paper to wood. (Assuming you don't count the paper as wood)

The dirt should be gone by Friday, easily, we've made huge amounts of progress on that, and then this fall we'll be able to seed that area. Rumor has it, grass seed is best done in the fall, so we're being our obedient little selves and waiting until fall to go for the green in that area.

Now, the minuate. Since we're opening our home to all and sundry this weekend, we have a pretty big list of things to get done before Saturday at 3:00. Both inside and out. Thankfully, since Grams was here this weekend, the house is fairly clean, allowing us to focus more on the deets. So, here's the list:

clean off the kitchen buffet (it's currently housing dozens of tools)
clean up the patio
wash dog blanket (definitely smells like dog)
spray bees (we have some bees habitating a little too close for comfort)
spray grass
shovel dirt
mulch garden
tie tomatoes back
shampoo basement carpet
fill post hole (the hole left by the for sale sign LAST October...)
plant annuals in the front step pots
hack the bush in the front
trim front bushes
water hydrangea
weed whack
solar lights in front yard
lights on back patio
trip to target

One thing I love being able to easily check off the list? Grocery shopping. Getting groceries delivered definitely saves me a trip to the store, and I can spend that time working on my to-do list. Plus, a free $10 coupon saved me bucks. Nicely done, Coborn's Delivers, should you ever go out of business, my family may starve. 

Totally doable, right? What kinds of things do you do to get ready for a party?

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  1. I can't wait to see your designed by dawn counter!



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