Friday, July 23, 2010

what are you doing this weekend?

What are you doing this weekend?

Am I the only one who misses girly sleepovers with cheesy games of truth or dare? I think it would be a blast to have an old-fashioned sleepover. Except with beds. These bones don't do floors. 

But, I'm not having a sleepover this weekend. Our game party has been scheduled for August 7th, which means we really need to kick the backyard into shape! I couldn't find plans for a console/buffet that worked for our space and our needs, so I designed one. Eep! We'll see how it turns out! I started building it last night, and I hope to finish it today, get it painted and another coat tomorrow. 

Beyond that, our weekend is taken up with family. My 90-year-old grandmother is in town and so we're off to Marine on St. Croix for a family BBQ on Saturday, and then grams is coming home with us to stay for a couple days. I'm excited for her to see our home, but that means Saturday morning is mostly cleaning, because our place seriously needs it. 

Sunday is up to grams, though my mother is coming over for dinner on Sunday night so she can see my gma. (Grams is on my father's side, and while my relationship with him is rocky, I love my grandparents) I'm hoping to get a few other things done, including putting the finishing touches on the craft room, and perhaps the sweatshop so I can do some photo updates for you next week. 

But bottom line? This weekend is about grams. :)

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