Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Using a storage space as a room.

When we moved into our home, we had (have, really) a plethora of storage. We have a basement room that runs the entire length of our home on the short side, about 8 feet deep, split in the middle by the furnace and water heater*. We also have two full-length-of-the-house crawl spaces upstairs in the attic.This is in addition to extra closets in unused bedrooms and a slightly over-sized garage. We haven't even cracked into the crawl spaces yet. We're lucky people when it comes to storage.

So what? Well, in our modestly sized (per assessor 1660 sq ft) home, we have four bedrooms. It's really a great use of space here. But, as we frequently have out of town visitors, it's my desire to keep one of those bedrooms for a guest room permanently. The smallest of the four is used as the office, the attic is our bedroom and the last is what is affectionately known as the sweatshop. Even with all those bedrooms, I was having a difficult time finding a dedicated space to stash all of my crafty-type things. I could certainly have used the sweatshop, but in the event that we happen to have children at a future date, I'd just have to move it all and find a place for it then.

Enter, the left side of the storage room.

Originally, it looked like this, then, after I tackled it, it looked like this:
The more I thought about this space, the more I thought it had a lot more potential than just a storage space.

So I'm turning it into a craft room. It's approximately 8x8 feet, and I've measured and designed and found my products. Here's my plan:

The Melltorp table from IKEA. The largest size fits perfectly against the back wall, and it's narrow enough to act as a desk. With plenty of room for projects that spread out.
A personalized storage system from Michael's. That sounds a lot fancier than it really is, I'm just going to pick the boxes I want for myself, and arrange them to suit my needs. I will NOT have quite this many :)

I also have plans for some privacy screens to hide the furnace, a lampshade to lovely-up the bare bulb, a left over rug from the office redo a comfy rolling chair, a peg board and a dark cork bulletin board.

Stay tuned for the finished product!

*why do we call them hot water heaters? That's pretty redundant, isn't it? I mean, no one has a cold water heater, right?

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