Wednesday, July 7, 2010

spoiling me.

image licensed under creative commons via roadriderob

I have decided I need an e-reader. I debated and debated between the Nook and the Kindle. I've had the chance to play with both of them, the Kindle is at Target and I just went to a Barnes and Noble to play with the Nook. I think I would be perfectly happy with either one.

But, because I worked for Barnes and Noble and my BFF works for BN, I think I'll be going with the Nook. 

Because I have an awesome husband, I think I'll be bringing one of these babies home soon. In celebration, I think I'll come up with a book-related goal for my 101 in 1001 project. Sound like a plan? 

What do you think of e-readers? Friend or foe?

update: I just got back from making my purchase, a 3g nook and a cover with built in book light. It's charging. I'm itching to play with it, but am following my instructions to wait and "give it a good charge" first. (the bookseller [AKA: BFF] totally said the charge bit in a Sarah Palin voice, for what it's worth)


  1. I am so, so, so, insanely jealous. I've been pining over a Kindle but it's so hard for me to justify the cost when I get all my books from the library for free anyway. I'm excited to hear what you think of it! I would love to go on vacation without having to haul a stack of books along with me and be able to download a book at whim.

  2. BFF here. I am really jealous also. I am planning to get one, but don't have one yet. The only thing that makes me feel better at this point is that I know how to work it way better than she does at this point. It's the petty things in life that get me through;)



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