Friday, July 30, 2010

Restaurant Rave: Ramy's Pizzeria

Last week after school I had a hair appointment. School gets out at 12:30 and my appoint was not until two. Since there's not a lot of work to be done after summer school, I had some time to kill. I thought I would treat myself to one of my favorite places to grab some food, Ramy's Pizzeria in Apple Valley.

I've been here before, several times. Hubs and I used to live within walking distance, and it was our go-to quick decision restaurant, once it finally opened.

There's always a short wait for the food, because they don't start making it until you order it. Very fresh stuff. And delicious.

Because I was there on a Tuesday, I was able to get the gyro lunch special. Which wouldn't have mattered, as I planned on grabbing a gyro from the moment I decided on Ramy's.

For 4.99, I got this:

Blurry and unedited, but delicious, and a lot of food for the money. It also came with a soda. I had a lovely afternoon lunch with myself, my gyro, and my nook. The gyro is the best one I've had outside of Italy, and I even liked the french fries. I don't usually eat my fries, but I made a decent sized-dent in these ones.

I've had several different menu items there and the only one to ever disappoint was the pizza. Not because it wasn't good, but it just wasn't my style. If you like massive slices of grease and cheese NY style, it gets great reviews. 

All in all: two thumbs up. And my hair looks fabulous now too.

If you're closer to Minneapolis, you can check out their other site here. Though there is a rumour this site is closed that I cannot confirm.

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