Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recipe Random: Amazing Chicken

I've been a serious slacker in the recipe department. I know, you're sitting there going, what haven't you slacked in, D? Well, lots of things, I'm sure, but especially the recipes. This one isn't new, so it's not a part of 101 in 1001, but it's a delicious recipe, and we both agreed the other night that it's been too long since we've made it around here.

We first found this recipe via friends, who made it for a small dinner party they hosted at their house. (small = them and us). We loved it so much, friend pulled the recipe down of the fridge and sent it home with us. We have since made it for other friends as well as my parents. And if my mom likes something new, it must be good, because she's incredibly picky.

You can find the recipe here.

I don't really measure out the tomatoes or peppers, but you certainly can. I rarely have fresh basil, so I leave that out, and we substitute unsweetened almond milk for the heavy cream.

First, chop up the peppers, tomatoes and garlic.

Let me tell you right now. Working with sun-dried tomatoes that are packed in oil is not fun. Those babies are slippery little suckers. And kind of weird to handle. 

Heat up the oil and saute the garlic in a deep pan. Then, toss all the ingredients in with the garlic and simmer while boiling the water for the pasta.

Simmer away, my friends.
Once everything is toasty, and the water is on the way to boiling, I like to add some chicken. This time around, I used tenderloins I had that needed to get used, but you could really add any chicken you wanted, I usually use skinless chicken breasts.

The recipe calls for penne, you could really use anything that blows your skirt up, tonight, we used torteloni, though we've used whatever's on hand in the past.

Bonus question: Where is the movie quote in this post, and what movie?

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