Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oudoors attack plan

As seen here, I came up with a definitive house-related to-do list for the summer. [gah those pictures are terrible] We've begun party planning for the game party, set for August 7th (evite out soon to you localish peeps!) So this weekend, Hubs and I plan on spending some serious time working on some outdoor projects this weekend.

My plan for accomplishment this weekend is as follows:

2. finish shoveling the dirt from the former elevated garden
3. seed the newly uncovered dirt area

as well as:
laying a lot more mulch in the gardens
moving a load of brick from the patio
seeing what can be done about the 85% crabgrass in our backyard

The flip-ness of the house means the yard was in sour shape. A big dirt spot in the back corner from the presence of an above-ground pool, some serious weedage and plentiful bare spots. We fully understand true DIY lawn rehab takes a couple seasons, but today is our big attempt at getting started.

Hub's do-list involves mowing the lawn [he did this on Thursday!] and helping with the dirt removal. Not entirely sure if he's aware of this yet, but I suppose he is now!

What are you up to this weekend?


  1. A friend of mine fixed up the yard in his flipped house earlier this year. Weed 'n' Feed was instrumental in cleaning up the yard.

  2. Yeah, we've got it. We have to be careful with the dog and chemicals though. We sprayed it yesterday and are taking her outside on her leash in non-sprayed areas.



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