Monday, July 26, 2010

Grandma didn't show

Oh, 90-year-olds, they're so flighty. When are they going to grow up and shoulder some responsibility? Huh?

Ok, I kid. Obviously. My grandma didn't come this weekend, true, but she's coming on Tuesday or Wednesday and staying until Saturday. So, Hubs and I ended up with a lot more free time this weekend than we'd anticipated.

And, I have to say, we used it wisely. Our quest to have a cleaned up backyard continues. When we got home sans grams on Saturday night, we dug in (literally) and between Saturday night and Sunday morning we got:

our new firepit assembled
installation of the shiny blue buffet table I built
weed and feeded the yard
dug up another 1/3rd of the excess dirt from the space-formerly-known-as-garden
got a hose reel and got the hose off the ground
watered the front yard for the first time ever (oops)
finally got the solar lights we bought last fall out of the boxes
got a serious cleaning done inside the house

Hmm. It seemed like a lot more before I listed it all out like that.

Now I'm kind of sad we didn't get more done. :(

And I realize I suck at getting photos up when it comes to the backyard. I just never remember until it's dark out!


  1. It sounds like a lot of hard work to me!

  2. That's 10000% more than I got this weekend! I didn't even manage to get a post together ... I'm such a slacker ;)



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