Thursday, July 1, 2010

Afters! The Office

So it took me awhile, but I finally got around to taking pictures in the finally finished office. 

This may be my favorite corner in the house now. It has my favorite chair, a table for a mug of cocoa and a cool map of Saint Paul. Where I live, and what I think is clearly the superior of the Twin Cities.

Before I show you the rest, a quick, quick messy look at where we started:
Lots of junk, that horrible "greige" color (I'm so bitter about griege. That's not a color, Martha.) You can see all the before pictures here.

There was a lot of hot pink in here, remnants of when the bookshelf held nothing but my crafting supplies.

Here was our to-do list:
remove all the craft supplies
reogranize the desk-shelf
find an alternative to the ceiling-height bookshelves (Billy from IKEA)
new rug
find a better arrangement for the furniture
get rid of clutter

I think we accomplished that:
The desk now sits under the window, so that when Hubs is chilling in there, he can open the window and look out. Much better than before, staring at a "greige" wall.
We traded in two ceiling height Billy bookshelves for these shorter models. The room is just too small to accommodate those giant beasts. So we picked these babies up for 20 bucks a piece and loaded them up with Hubs law books and my education books. Everything else got moved to the basement, where the Billys have a new home, where they look smashing, more on that later.

The art on the wall over the printer and chair is this. It's a map I downloaded from the city website, free of charge, transferred to jpeg form using a free online converter, loaded to MPIX, printed and framed. Inexpensive and highly personal art, since Hubs and I not only live in the fair city of St. Paul, but we both deeply love the city, and are die-hard St. Paul > Minneapolis folk.

Source breakdown:
Chair - mother-in-law's basement
Desk - combo from IKEA
paint - Behr's Hidden Peak
rug - walmart
bookshelves - walmart
storage boxes - IKEA and The Container Store

I think this is the first time the dog stayed out of the after pictures!


  1. I think it looks awesome! I love the new color and how it changes in different lighting. Beautiful art and great job on the pillow! It looks so much more organized and like a less chaotic place to work. :)

  2. I love it! I need to figure out a new office design for myself, you provided some great ideas!

  3. You did such a great job! I love it! We have way too many law books too.

  4. It looks so great! I love the wall color and art. I love maps as art - they are always so interesting and personal.



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