Monday, June 28, 2010

Well, we're going to see just how this goes...

In our quest to make the sweatshop both a useable room, and a place where everything else in there has a new home when and if we have children, I struggled with what kind of bed to put in there. I'm not a futon fan, and yet we needed something small enough to work as a couchy-type piece if we needed to move it into the office to make room for oh, I don't know, a child or something.

So I looked at daybeds, but the thing I don't love about daybeds is all the "walls" around three of the sides. I found a couple potential twin beds that were very simplistic and could maybe be made into a daybed-like piece with the right throw pillows. (Who doesn't love throw pillows? Other than my mother...) Then, I discovered the Pottery Barn catalog. If you can believe it, I didn't know this baby existed until about a year ago. I'd never lived in a house, or had random money laying around to buy overpriced furniture and glass thingys. But, I did like the inspiration I found in a lot of the catalogs, so I signed up.

Enter the Stratton Daybed. This baby was IT. Small enough to move into the office when needed, and cute enough to stand on it's own in a guest room.

Now, to find the 900+ (with tax, etc) to buy this bed that will be in guest room use mode for about a year or two.

Wait. I didn't spend that much on living room couch, that I sit on every day. I cannot justify spending that much on a piece of furniture doomed to be relegated to a corner of a small room for the majority of it's days.

So I considered building one. It was always in the back of my mind, I'm confident in my building abilities and I think I could have come up with the plans to build it all on my own. Just like my shelves in the basement.

But, thankfully, I don't have to. Ana White and her Knock-Off Wood site have already made the plans for me. These babies are printed, three sheets of quality plywood and a box of screws are in the garage, and this morning, my friend Beth and I will attempt to build a bed. It should be very hot and sticky out in the garage, so hopefully we'll feel incredibly accomplished once we finish.

I can only hope mine looks as awesome as Jandee's:
 Image credit to Jordan and Jandee

update: we got all our pieces cut, and about 1/6 of the assembly done, then the drill battery died so we have to get back to it tomorrow once the betteries are charged. But we used power tools!

update again, it's finished! B didn't come back today, because I told her not to, I've been sick and slightly feverish all day and didn't want to pass it along, but I couldn't resist trying to finish it! I have company coming tomorrow and they're gonna want a bed!   (6/29)

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