Friday, June 25, 2010

summah, summah, summahtime! ( a list)

I have all sorts of goals in my head for this summer, housey things, personal things, worky things, but I think it's about time that I really sit down and decide exactly what I want to do this summer.

On the short list, I want to build an outdoor buffet for the patio, expand the patio, get rid of the sandbox, finish shoveling the dirt from the former elevated garden, seed the newly uncovered dirt area, build a front porch, train for a major bike ride, finish fundraising for said bike ride, build a bed for the sweatshop, find bedding for the sweatshop, the list goes on and on.

Another thing Hubs and I have talked about is finding our hosting "niche". I love hosting. My parents have hosted a Fourth of July bash for several years, and my mom is still planning on that this year. Our friends B&R have a taco de mayo party every year in May. Hubs and I want to have something we do every year, that is ours. Something we do every year that we can invite everyone we know to and have a great time. Last August, we had a game party at "our" place (we were staying at my parents waiting to close on our house, long story) and it was a big hit, croquet, bocce ball, badminton, kickball, board games after dark and great food all around. We're thinking that is going to be our niche.

How is this related? Well, I'm glad you ask, because this puts a lot of things in perspective on the to-do list. I have to train for the bike ride, since I'm riding in it on September 11th (more later). Other than that, I really need to focus on the outdoor stuff. Specifically, the backyard stuff. Expanding the patio isn't going to happen this summer, it's just not in the budget. Neither is building a front porch. It's also likely that removing the sandbox is going to wait until we expand the patio, because doing all of that at once is likely going to be the easiest way to tackle it.

The backyard needs some serious attention though, as illustrated here: 
I actually had this sized larger and it grossed me out, so I shrunk it a bit. Sad. 

Just another view. We seriously need a lawn mower that doesn't leave all these grass clumps too, sigh, maybe next summer.

So, what does that leave me with?
1. build an outdoor buffet for the patio
2. finish shoveling the dirt from the former elevated garden
3. seed the newly uncovered dirt area
4. train for a major bike ride
5. finish fundraising for said bike ride
6. build a bed for the sweatshop
7. find bedding for the sweatshop

That's much more manageable. The plan is to tackle the bed-building next week, as my grandmother comes to stay for a few days in July, and she'd probably really like a place to stay. Building the outdoor buffet should be too hard, I can easily draw up the plans, I have skills like that, and I think I can put it together from the bed-building scraps, finding bedding shouldn't be too difficult, I already have a backup in mind if I can't find anything I like better. The garden dirt is a matter of finding a place to put it, and seeding that is easy once we get to it. Training for the bike ride is in progress, though knee problems slow me down a lot. The fundraising is nearly done, the minimum amount anyway, I'll post more on the bike ride later.

And that's it! Totally doable, right?

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  1. What a great, ambitious list! I can't wait to hear how it all goes!

    And I love picking bedding ... it's never hard to find, just hard to choose just one!



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