Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Since it's raining

Which is, quite frankly, an AWESOME start to my summer vacation because it gives me a chance to relax without a bunch of pressure to get work done outside.

So, since it's raining, and I'm not completely lazy, I have plans to finally finish that last touch on the office and get some pictures posted. But, before I do, a quick before tour of the space.

This picture is extremely messy because I realized last second that we needed to take before pictures. We were already prepping it to get the paint on the walls, you can see the materials in the lower right corner. Anyway, this is the desk.

I had to seriously lighten this picture so the quality is kind of craptastic. But, it's all I've got. I love that chair. I made that pillow. I love that pillow.

So there, the officey befores. Not a lot to say about that :)


  1. I love that kirby makes an appearence in almost all the before or after pictures:)



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