Thursday, June 24, 2010

A [sick] day in the life.

I woke up yesterday morning with a pretty painful throat. My ear got in on the action by aching off and on throughout the day as well.

As a result, I spent my day on the couch, watching movies, tv shows and drinking water.

I watched a lot of the Riches as well as Julie and Julia, which I hadn't seen yet.

My daytime view alternated between this:
and this, as Sasha really likes to get right in your face:
Really, it was a great day. My throat is still sore today, I think it will be a lot of the same with a trip to Target for a new book added in.


  1. :( Feel better.

    And Sasha's adorable, she looks so concerned in that last pic.

  2. Somehow my germs must have made its way from my side of White Bear to your side. I'm just finishing up the same bug you seem to be fighting- though I definitely wouldn't mind having a sick day with all the doggies you've got keeping you company!



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