Monday, June 21, 2010

more gratuitous dog pictures

I do have a battalion of posts lined up, as I found the missing camera cord. It got a stern talking to when I found it cavorting in a box with some office supplies. I don't think it will be pulling that again anytime soon.

In the meantime, some Kirby pictures, so I don't get scolded again for a lack of them:
We went camping this weekend, and we had so much stuff in the car there was barely room for the Kirbster. We have the weirdest dog, she has no interest in sticking her head out the window, she just wants to get up front with us. We have to buckle her into the backseat or she'd cause an accident.
One of the few pictures of her "smiling", turns out our dog doesn't like camping so much. I guess she just needs her pillows and couches. She's such a princess. We ended up taking her to my mom's house before the trip was over because she hated camping that much. She loves the veterinarian though, I dropped her off this morning for a teeth cleaning, and you'd think she was a 6 year old kid going to Disney.

She's so strange.


  1. Kirby is too cute. My dogs like the vet too, especially Melanie. It's a place where everyone she meets gives her treats so I understand the appeal :)



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