Thursday, June 10, 2010

Outside befores!

My summer to do list is growing. And growing. And growing. Yesterday I scored a job teaching summer school in my student teaching 'hood, so I will lose a wee bit of summer with that, but not too much as it's 4 days a week, until 12:30, so there's still plenty of summer to be had.

One of my goals is to deal with the ridiculous bushes on the front of our home. We've been told our house has great curb appeal, and I have to agree it does.
This photo is from the original listing when we bought the home. There are a lot of bushes in front of the house, and I'm not a fan of two of them. Both bushes on the left side are going. I've already clipped away one of them, and shortly I'll remove the other. When we lost my step-dad in April, my co-workers gave me a gift card to a local nursery that I used to purchase a hydrangea bush. I plan on replanting that in place of the far left bush.

Some neighbors across the street and down a ways built a small, free standing porch in their front yard. I love it, and I want it!

So eventually, the bush on the right side of the steps will be gone as well to make room for something a little like this:

The hydrangea bush will stay to cover the water meter and everything there, since we have the same placement on our house. The porch is a long-term, maybe-next-summer-if-we're-lucky kind of project, but isn't it pretty? I'm so jealous of my neighbors...

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  1. Your house is so cute! My house has ZERO curb appeal so I'm super jealous :)



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