Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm nothing if not a follower

I know this blog is fairly new, but I've been in the blogging world since 2004. Wow, six years, that's a lifetime in the blogging world. I've gone through many incarnations, but I really like where I am now, I like the concept, the name and the flexibility.

One thing I don't like is that my blog name (life all around) wasn't available on Blogger, or wordpress. Frankly, I don't love wordpress because it's so much less customizable, unless you're willing to pay for hosting and all sorts of upgrades, which I'm not, yet. (I've made a dollar on adsense though! Someday maybe!)

So, when Kate at Twenty-six-to-life went and bought her own domain address, I thought, well, for ten bucks through Google, why the heck not.

So I bought it.

You should now be redirected to www.lifeallaround.com you probably won't even notice a difference, but I'm happy about it. And frankly, that's what matters most to me:)

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