Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fav magazines: House Beautiful

In a random convo with a friend recently, (all revolving around coupons for The Container Store) we discussed our love of certain magazines. She mentioned that "Real Simple Day" is her favorite day of the month. I commented that while I do love me some Real Simple, my current fave is easily House Beautiful.

She had never heard of it. My eyes virtually goggled. What? Never heard of it?  In the quickly dwindling world of class-act design magazines, House Beautiful remains strong and gorgeous.

I even use it as a design element itself in my home.

For my birthday, Hubs snagged me my very own copy of the House Beautiful Home Book, and I love that too. It lives on my coffee table in easy reach for a quick inspirational flip through.

Now, the aforementioned friend doesn't yet own her own space to decorate with (though she's looking to in the future, go R!)  But even without your own spaces, one can still appreciate the beautiful pictures, tips on color, and well-written articles.

It comes highly recommended on my list. In fact, both magazines do. They are actually the only two 'zines I subscribe to.


  1. I need another magazine subscription like I need a hole in my head, but I may have to subscribe to this one. I just recently learned about this magazine and everyone raves about it!

  2. I will definitely be picking up a few issues once I get closer to buying a place. If I start getting magazines now, it will just make me hate my apartment more than I already do.



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