Wednesday, May 12, 2010

testing 1...2...3...

I got a new phone! For some reason, I was given an early upgrade and since my blackberry was circa 2007, i jumped at the chance to get me a smart phone. so we headed to the store and I picked up this Samsung Moment.

this is testing, because I am blogging this from a Blogger app...

how's it look?


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  2. A bb is a smart phone.

  3. Are we gonna get pictures of the patio furn soon on here?

  4. Anon - yes, thank you, but new one is smarter as my BB was way old. My old phone didn't have a camera or downloadable apps.

    Jobot - let me get through the school year and settled into unemplyoment and then I have a bunch of posts to make. Including the office, craft room and the patio furniture.



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