Monday, May 31, 2010

School's out for SUMMAH!

Well, not quite yet, I have four days of school left, at which point I will depart my current school district forever, having been a victim of budget cuts for the following school year. The end of the school year is also my excuse for the lame lack of posting of late. I have big plans for the summer though!

I shall not dwell on the unlikelihood that I have a job in the fall, since the lookout is not so good living in a market as saturated as mine. Instead, I shall tell you all about my plans for the summer. In list form, since lists are friends. I love lists. Mmmm. Lists.

Go camping at least twice (one is already planned)
go to the zoo
plant my garden
finish moving the dirt in my backyard
take out the unsightly bushes in the front yard
plant my hydrangea bush in place of the ugly bushes
lots of baseball
have another yard game/board game party like last year
ride bikes, a lot
read Anna Karenina
walk the dog
finish my wedding album (2+ years later...)
paint the front door
clean out the sweatshop
get a pedicure (this is first on the list to start summer)
take the dog to the vet
go the the MN history museum
organize the garage
picnic by a lake in the metro

That seems like an excellent start, does it not? What do you have planned for the summer? Any recs for St. Paul/Minneapolis area activities?

Except the state fair. I refuse to go to the state fair. Gross.


  1. All MELSA libraries let you check out free admission passes to a bunch of random museums in the metro area - including the Minnesota History Center and the zoo. Since you often get stuck paying ridiculous fees to park at these places, it's nice to get in free.

    Also, I read an article in the NYT last week about the number of teachers applying for a single job. I couldn't decide whether it was more depressing to know about the competition or whether it provided better feelings about the reasons for not hearing back. If over 3,000 people are applying for the same job, the rejection really wouldn't sting as much. I doubt the administrators are even looking at all of the applications.

  2. Did you want to come with when we take steve's kids to the zoo? They are a hoot and a half;) I want to steal Fiona from him. She is adorable!



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