Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting the mail off the table

At the beginning of the month, Hubs and I decided to get organized. I was convinced that a mail sorter like the one I dreamed of would help me to keep my dining nook table clean. We have an old-fashioned house and mailbox. Our mail carrier comes to our front door and shoves the mail through a mail slot that dispenses into our coat closet. Each day, I come home from work, check the mail and shove all the junk on the table. It piles up and looks terrible. I was convinced that if only I had a beautiful mail bin to sort with, I'd be happy to carry my mail into the kitchen and sort and toss. But, as I am not as rich as I think I am, I couldn't justify spending 70 bucks (with shipping) on a balsa wood bin.

Well, Real Housewife in Minnesota came to my rescue and clued me into to Bed, Bath, and Beyond's version, selling at a nice, inexpensive (relatively), 29.99. I hopped on the site and ordered it. A few days later, it came to my home and I wasted no time in installing it in my kitchen, moving some other items into place to work with it.

The finished result?
A personalized home organization system. I love it. Love. It. I'm just that nerdy. (Don't even get me started on my brand-new TARDIS, bonus points if you have a clue what I'm talking about) I walk into the kitchen and stop, stare, and have a moment with my shiny little center.

And bonus?
The dining nook is clean.

Now for the nerdy breakdown on function:

First up: The white board/bulletin board
The white board serves mostly as our to-do list. We jot down things we want to get done over the week, and then on Sunday, wipe it clear (supposedly once we've accomplished everything on the list). In the bottom corner is a small shopping list of things I'm searching for to go into my next room re-do, in this case, my craft room/work room. The bulletin board has become a catch-all for those small things we want to keep, but don't want to have cluttering up our whole house. The concert ticket is from Hubs and mine first date. 

Next,  the beautiful mail bin.

Bills go in the bottom, miscellany goes in the top. So far, so good. Junk mail goes straight into the trash/recycling.

Lastly, the calendar:

Originally, I purchased this beauty (see, nerd) to plan menus for a month out. This facilitates my grocery shopping, and enables me to effectively use Coborn's Delivers and keep in a budget, and minimize my delivery fees. Right now, because it is summery outside, we're mostly grilling on a random rotation of ground turkey, chicken and the occasional steak. Not a lot of planning goes into that! So we're using it to keep track of our getting-close-to-summer-busy schedule. Normally, we have very little going on and have no need for such a fancy system.

So that's it. That's how we got the mail off the table, and how we manage our time. What do you do?


  1. I do nothing for organization, but I really need to! I really like your system though and I think I'm going to look into purchasing something like it. All of our mail just sits on the counter and I have a calendar taped to the refrigerator. A bulletin board would be great to have, we're always taping things tothe refrigerator or putting them in our junk drawer.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. It looks great! I really wish I had known about the BB&B organizers before I went and purchased a cheapo one from Target that doesn't look half as nice as yours, and cost nearly as much.

  3. Haha, so glad you like them! I hung mine up a few weeks ago and STILL haven't posted about it. They are fantastic right? And I think they hold even more than the PB version. So glad they work for you!



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