Friday, April 30, 2010

update: 101 in 1001

I can't believe it's nearly the end of April. I have 882 days left to finish the things on my 101 things list. One of which is just to finish making the darned list!

We have one major, major victory here, that is, we've paid off all of our credit cards!

Let's celebrate that for a moment, shall we?

All right, moving on.

The list is below, and it's not growing very fast. It's amazing how unmotivated I've been as far as accomplishing any sorts of goals go. So, I am asking for help, what kinds of things would you put on your list? Anything I can add to mine?

1. learn how to apply makeup
2. take a Community Education class
3. pay off Nissan
4. pay off Saturn
5. complete Reading License Coursework (started)
6. try one new recipe a month for a year (3/12)
7. buy/build a rain barrel (now to figure out how to install it...)
8. finish painting the basement
9. do a spending freeze for a month
10. take a "real" vacation (booked for Christmas!)
11. have a picnic by a lake
12. go an entire day without electronic devices
13. lose 75 pounds of fat
14. receive $20 reimbursement 12 months in a row for gym attendance
15. get in the habit of eating breakfast every weekday
16. create a meal entirely from organic products
17. reupholster my grandma's chair in the master bedroom
18. refinish/paint the sewing table and fit it with a shelf
19. buy the dog a pink collar
20. pay off credit cards
21. send my Grandma one card/letter per month (1/12)
22. paint the front door red
23. finish 101 things list
24. develop a house cleaning schedule
25. paint the kitchen and hang the shelves
26. paint the shelves :)
27. have a date once a month with Hubs. (43/12)
28. get a haircut (this seems easy, but my laziness knows no bounds)
29. get a library card
30. make a piece of furniture from scratch
31. Finish redoing the office
32. Make a craft room out of basement storage
33. buy a sewing machine
34.  paint the living room
35. have some sort of garden, potted, in-ground, something living
36. find a rug for under the dining table
37. paint the master bedroom
38. finish the "grill patio"
39. ride in a century bike ride (registered!)

well, at least I'm more than 1/3rd of the way finished before the end of the first year!

Hit me with your suggestions, ladies (and gents). I'm open.


  1. I'm having a hard time completing my 101 list too! I've stalled out around 55. I've decided to add a couple "stepping stone" goals to my list though, goals that will help me get to even bigger goals down the road (or expanding on goals I've already met). I'm also going to add some "splurge" goals. I figure I deserve to splurge on myself for working hard on my other goals ;) Maybe you could add new goals that way?

    Good luck and congrats again!

  2. First of all, Congratulations on paying off the credit cards! Wa-Hoo! My Husband and I are working on that right now, and we're getting close..very very close but I can't wait until the day we can say they're DONE :)

    Good Luck with the rest of your list!



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