Monday, April 12, 2010

Thoughts on color

Concept by Ignacio Pilotto, photo uncredited.
I have a confession. I'm a little crazy about paint colors. I've never had the opportunity to have anything other than white walls in my house, since I grew up in rental properties. Now, I finally have my own space, to do anything I want with and all the trends are neutrals. Ugh. Good thing I don't really care about trends, there's color all over my house!

I was, and am, excited to paint as soon as we moved into our home. We started in the basement, and slowly worked our way upstairs. We've since finished the kitchen, and pretty much finished our office. (It occurs to me I never posted pictures of the office. I should get on that...) All three of these rooms have color in them. The basement, blue and tan. The kitchen, aqua and cream and red. The office is a dark grey with orange and white. Now, I'm at a standstill, for many reasons. One, it's gorgeous out around here, something typically unheard of for Minnesota at this time of year. Two, I've been busy, school, work, and directing the school play have sucked up a LOT of my time the past few months. Really, it's amazing we got the office done at all. Three, well, I'm stumped. Logically, the next room we would tackle would be either the "sweatshop"* or the living room.

The sweatshop is an extra bedroom on our main floor that will someday be either a nursery, if we have children, or an extra guest room. We use it now, mostly just to store stuff in. It's a disaster.

The living room is tough. It's a great room, we have beautiful, coved ceilings, a great fireplace, huge window and snazzy side windows on either side of the fireplace. But I don't know what color to paint! I want to brighten the room, because as it is now, it's kind of stuffy.
The couch is red. yes, red. I love the couch. I have no regrets about buying a red couch, I've had it for 7 years now, and it's still in great, great shape, comfortable, and a great piece.The couch must stay. The art needs to go. I used to love, love,  love my parapluie poster until it became commonplace and that kind of thing is in every pseudo-Italian restaurant in the country. Now, I'm sick of it!

So, back to my thoughts on color. I'm leaning towards a soft, buttery yellow color on the walls, to brighten the space. I think that red and yellow, done right, can be fabulous together. Am I insane?
What colors would you put in the space knowing the red couch stays, and we'd like to brighten it up?


  1. You go rock that yellow!! Pretend it's the exterior and the 'ouch' is your red front door. :)

    And then come paint my house - you can even choose the colors.

  2. I'm a huge fan of teal and red right now. We have red curtains in our living room and I'm adding a teal accent wall.

    But I love red and yellow, too.

  3. I agree- a faint, soft yellow could look great. Having moved into a new house myself, the owner before me picked a BRIGHT yellow for what is now the guest bedroom. I'll be repainting it soon along with the hot pink (yes, hot pink) room.



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