Friday, April 2, 2010

Settling in.

My life has been crazy the last few weeks. School has been nuts, I've been job searching, having received official word that my job is cut for next year, and my first class for my reading licensure wrapped up last night. On top of that, my family received some sad-yet-hopeful (oxymoron) news about a close family member, and so we've been waiting on testing and such.

(In other news, it just started raining and thundering here in Saint Paul, hooray!)

But I am resolving to get back in the proverbial saddle and get regular on my blogging again. I'm working on getting some posts into my queue so that while I'm slaving away over a hot stove SMART board all week, new posts will still be showing up.

What's going to be coming? Well, I'm happy you asked. My March recipe was FANTASTIC, I yanked it out of a Pampered Chef catalog in the staff lounge at school. That should be up sometime this week. Hubs and I splurged last weekend and purchased a gas grill, so in my nerdiness I photographed our first steaks off the grill. Lastly, in an effort to get more organized, I'm trying to create a home organization center, with menu planning, to-do lists, and hopefully a pretty mail sorter. That's all that should be *fingers crossed* coming up this week.

After that, I will try, I promise, to get at least one post up per week! I shall be a better blogger.

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  1. New grill! New grill! I just bought my first new grill too (old one was a decade+ old hand-me-down). Such exciting stuff. :)



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