Thursday, April 8, 2010

Recipe 3 of 12: Warm Lemon Pepper Chicken Salad

The other day I was sitting in the staff lounge at school, paging through a Pampered Chef catalog, and wondering what to make for dinner that night, since we were having a last minute gathering of some family members as one of our own was moving to Colorado the next day. I like to use new people to try something new, because that way, if I don't like it, I can pawn it off on them at the end of the night. And, being Minnesotan, we would never say "Oh that's ok!" we just say "Thank you, it was delicious!" and throw it away when we get home.

So, as I was paging through the catalog, I came across this recipe for warm lemon-pepper chicken salad. The ingredients looked good, fairly healthy and something I could whip up and serve easily. So I stopped at Cub on the way home to pick up the few things I didn't have, and headed home to make it.

The finished product, tossed and ready to serve. 

First I tossed the snap peas in my veggie steamer (read: rice cooker, probably my favorite wedding gift next to my Kitchenaid). 
While those were steaming, I chopped all the veggies. The recipe calls for quartered artichoke hearts, marinated. I just grabbed a can of plain ole hearts out of the cupboard and chopped them into quarters myself. 
Once those were chopped, I rubbed the chicken with lemon pepper seasoning, tossed it on the indoor grill (we didn't buy the outdoor grill until the next day), and chopped up the potatoes. 
Blurry, but I think I finally figured out my camera!
I boiled the potatoes, and tossed it all together.The dressing was quite easy to make, and I liked making my first homemade dressing!

It got rave reviews all around, and we've already put it on our menu for April. I kinda can't wait, it was really good!

One more time, because it was just that good. 

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