Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tourist stop #3: Target Field

A few weeks ago, Hubs and I took a look at our finances and decided that we could afford some Twins Season Ticket action. As long as we didn't get too crazy on our seating options, we could easily swing a small twenty-game package at the new outdoor ballpark, the first in Minnesota in nearly 30 years. (Met stadium closed in 1981, I believe).

A couple weeks ago, these came in the mail: (Please excuse the glare, I forgot to turn off the flash)
All season ticket holders were invited to an open house at Target Field, the first chance for the little guys to hop in and see what the new ballpark had in store for the upcoming season. We were assigned to Sunday, and so we marked the calendar, and waited with bated breath. 

This morning, we overslept a bit, so we "had" to skip church and decided we may as well head over to the park early. We found a parking spot (after a few loops in the ramp) and crossed the skyway. Our first glimpse of the field out of the skyway was this: 

The right side is a very, very cool structure made of thousands of baseball-card-sized metal plates that are attached in a way that allows them to move with the wind. Now that I'm writing this, I realize I should have taken some video. And, having uploaded the photo, I realize the pesky date stamp is on. And wrong. (I have now removed the date stamp from the camera settings, all future photos should be date-stamp free)

We walked up to the stadium seating, and immediately spotted my aunt and uncle and two of my cousins. They are all sharing a package and were invited to the same day as us. (Some friends of ours were there the day before) We meandered down to their seats, and of course, photographed the view:
That head is my cousin Joey's head, very nice head Joe.

We slowly worked our way across the upper levels, checking out various seats and views in various sections:
The grass is still covered, which was kind of sad, but understandable seeing as we are in Minnesota where the last frost happens sometime in July*.
We wandered up to see the seats and the view from my aunt and uncle's home opener seats.

It was very very windy up there at the top.

I'm guessing the scaffolding will be gone by opening day :) 

Next stop was our seats. 

Not a bad seat in the house was the general consensus. We rested here a bit to feed Logan (cousin Timmy's son) a hot dog and get Uncle a beer.

We used the time to take in the view of downtown from our seats:
The white boards above the cross-seats will have a light show on it, I guess. I'm not really certain of the details.

Being at the open house gave us the rare opportunity (read: we will never be able to afford tickets in here) to visit the Legend's Club. There are lots of nice food places, warm, heated places to sit, and cushy leather seats (not so cushy in August, but nice for now!).

The view from behind home plate:
The restaurants in the Legend's Club have some very cool pieces of artwork, such as this wood mural of Kirby Puckett (my dog is named after Kirby Puckett):
We also saw one of Rod Carew. Very cool.

Aunt checks out the suites, this park has corporate and public rented suites, so the little guys won't always get pushed out by the corporations, which is nice.
Our last stop was the Metropolitan (named, presumably for the former stadium) Club. The season-ticket-holders-only pre and post-game club. It is indeed, very swank:
We said goodbye to the extended fam and made our way out via the plaza: 
But in the immortal words of Guv'nor Ahnold: we'll be back. Our first game is April 16th with our package, and I can't wait!


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