Sunday, March 14, 2010

101 update

I've been working, a little, on my 101 things in 1001 days list. Not too much, I wouldn't want to get out of control. Also, I'm amazed at how overwhelmed I am with everything going on right now. Work, school, play directing, and attempting to have a social life have left me little time for blogging. Maybe I should add blog once a week to my list?

A refresher: (Italics are new items since the original post)
1. learn how to apply makeup

2. take a Community Education class
3. pay off Nissan
4. pay off Saturn
5. complete Reading License Coursework
6. try one new recipe a month for a year (2/12)
7. buy/build a rain barrel
8. finish painting the basement
9. do a spending freeze for a month
10. take a "real" vacation
11. have a picnic by a lake
12. go an entire day without electronic devices
13. lose 75 pounds of fat
14. receive $20 reimbursement 12 months in a row for gym attendance
15. get in the habit of eating breakfast every weekday
16. create a meal entirely from organic products
17. reupholster my grandma's chair in the master bedroom
18. refinish/paint the sewing table and fit it with a shelf
19. buy the dog a pink collar
20. pay off credit cards (2/4)
21. send my Grandma one card/letter per month
22. paint the front door red
23. finish 101 things list
24. develop a house cleaning schedule
25. paint the kitchen and hang the shelves
26. paint the shelves :)
27. have a date once a month with Hubs. (1/12)
28. get a haircut (this seems easy, but my laziness knows no bounds)
29.get a library card
30.make a knockoff wood stratton day bed
31. Finish redoing the office
32. Make a craft room out of basement storage

I posted the kitchen pictures, which accomplished several items on my list, I chopped my hair (8 inches!), and went out to Fogo with Hubs for my birthday, which we decided doubled as our first date.

I didn't post my second recipe, mostly because I didn't like it. (I tried pork chops, and I don't like pork) March's recipe is Parmesan crusted chicken, coming soon to a blog near you.

We're also very close to paying off our third credit card. Our tax refund will take care of the rest and a big chunk of one of the cars. Woot! We're getting there, slowly but surely. Have the cards and a car paid off will be very helpful when I lose my job at the end of the school year :(


  1. I love #30 - I want to do that too. I definitely understand about getting overwhelmed with life. One thing that I like about the 101 goals project though is that it's long enough to allow for periods of when "life happens". Some months you may accomplish 10 things, and the next month might be none, but you still have a chance to get it all done. I'm really looking forward to how some of your goals turn out (especially the DIY related ones!).

  2. How can you not have a library card? Some English teacher you are. I have four and use all of them - though three are for Minnesota libraries.



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