Monday, February 8, 2010

We interrupt our regularly scheduled posting

to bring this important message from the LAA weather service [That's life all around, not Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, in case you were confused].

I stayed home from school today, two car crashes in a week and a half made it too nervewracking for me to venture out on my 50 mile 1.25 hour commute today. It turned out to be the right decision when school was dismissed two hours early anyway.

Word just came in that school is on a two-hour delay schedule tomorrow. Hooray for me, my drive is infinitely better when I can wait until the sun comes up to leave my house.

This is the freshly shoveled view out my front door. 

Please excuse the poor picture quality. It's 9:38 at night. In Minnesota. In January. We don't see the sun in these parts until March. Also, I was in my PJ's and unwilling to put shoes on, so I held the camera out the screen door to snap the picture. With my not-new camera. [hint, hint, Hubs]

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