Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recipe 1 of 12

As a part of my 101 things in 1001 days project, I want to make one new recipe per month, in order to build my repetoire and to jazz up our monthly eating, since I plan our menus out a month in advance [there is wiggle room so we're not locked into a schedule] I'm always looking for something new.

This month, January, we decided to initiate a spending freeze [which is really more of a budget cut, we seriously cut back on eating out and discuss all purchases] which means one of my favorite take out meals [orange chicken] was off the menu. So I searched around and landed on my new favorite recipe site; Tasty Kitchen.

A quick search brought me to this recipe. It had a lot of ingredients, but a perusal assured me I could leave a lot out, and we skipped the fried rice since we both prefer white, steamed.

But, we ended up with two plates of this deliciousness, swimming in citrusy flavors, lacking a little bit in spice, but that was due to me substituting fresh red peppers for the chili peppers. I stand by my substitution, but next time [and there will be a next time] I'll just toss in some red pepper flakes to add a tiny kick.

For reference, my changes to the posted recipes:
Omitted - rice wine vinegar, orange zest and chilies [because I'm lazy, mostly and I didn't have any of them]
Subbed: Fresh red peppers for the chilies, several shakes of ground ginger for the fresh [again, lazy], and regular soy sauce for light
Next time: leave in the fresh peppers and add red pepper flakes.

ps, in the background of the picture you can see a preview of the brownies I mentioned on Tuesday.


  1. Yum and what a nice pic. Good work dmh. You ever going to open up the comments to allow URLs damn it?

  2. I can't believe the pic turned out that well on my crap camera. (I've been informed I'm not getting the pricey one I wanted for my birthday, I don't think he's just trying to throw me off either). Thanks!

    Did that fix it? I didn't realize you couldn't post URLs. Sorry dude. You're linked anyway.

  3. Yum. I copied the recipe, so I'll have to give it a try!

  4. That sounds delicious -- I'm always looking for easy, tasty Asian recipes to make at home in lieu of splurging on takeout.

    This one is delicious:

  5. Oh my gosh that looks so tasty!



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