Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tourist stop #1?

Not sure if it's a visit-worthy place, but over my Christmas break, my "baby" cousin Liana and I headed to IKEA to do some much needed shopping, mostly on her part.The "baby" was her description when she was whining her way into me picking her up instead of us meeting there, which would have required her to "take the bus, then the ltr (light rail), the walk to ikea in the northern cold..." A whine so long it took two texts.

I picked her up, and after a yummy lunch with mi madre at Split Rock Grille, (two thumbs up on the roasted garlic soup) we were off to IKEA.
We went in for the full experience, and wandered the upstairs showroom for a couple hours. Here, Liana absolutely needed to walk into a pantry in the kitchen section.
I found this wine rack cabinet I loved, but alas, I'm too lazy to "ask for help in this department" so I did not leave with it. It would have been perfect for the soon-to-be-unveiled basement bar though.

After watching Liana wander from bed to bed to bed to bed for a good 45 minutes, we moved along to the downstairs, which is really my favorite part of IKEA. I was quite tempted to buy a nice set of these:I have a slight addiction to kitchenwares, particularly glasses, but there was just something about these babies that really spoke to me. Luckily (?) Liana's phone rang as I was contemplating and I was distracted right out of buying yet another set of dishes.

We left with plenty though. Liana got herself a desk, a hutch for the desk, a console table, new glasses (lucky girl!), some towels, a heart ice cube tray, and some lightbulbs.

I brought home two shelving thingies for my kitchen, some much needed storage over my solitary island stove, I will get around to hanging them eventually, maybe this summer. I'll want to paint the walls, and the shelves, first, so it's not just a buy and hang type deal. In fact, they're still in the trunk of my car.

L was a little worried about everything fitting into the trunk of my car. I told her the first rule of shopping at IKEA? Never underestimate the Saturn.

We call her the TARDIS, because she's bigger on the inside.

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