Thursday, January 7, 2010

the ultimate to do list

I've been reading Twenty-Six To Life, a random blog I like to read, and I've been intrigued by her 101 in 1001 days project. I'm a lover of lists, and this is kind of the ultimate to-do list.

So I started working on a list. (I'm nothing if not a joiner) Here is what I have so far, more to come, but I'm going to track it on here, and on the site.

1. learn how to apply makeup
2. take a Community Education class
3. pay off Nissan
4. pay off Saturn
5. complete Reading License Coursework
6. try one new recipe a month for a year (1/12)
7. buy/build a rain barrel
8. finish painting the basement
9. do a spending freeze for a month
10. take a "real" vacation
11. have a picnic by a lake
12. go an entire day without electronic devices
13. lose 75 pounds of fat
14. receive $20 reimbursement 12 months in a row for gym attendance
15. get in the habit of eating breakfast every weekday
16. create a meal entirely from organic products
17. reupholster my grandma's chair in the master bedroom
18. refinish/paint the sewing table and fit it with a shelf
19. buy the dog a pink collar
20. pay off credit cards (2/4)
21. send my Grandma one card/letter per month
22. paint the front door
23. finish 101 things list
24. develop a house cleaning schedule
25. paint the kitchen and hang the shelves
26. paint the shelves :)
27. have a date once a month with Hubs. 
28. get a haircut (this seems easy, but my laziness knows no bounds)
29.get a library card
30.make a knockoff wood stratton day bed

Italics = new since last update

that's all I've got so far, would it be cheating to make one of my list items "finish 101 things list"?

I like the idea of the project, I like that it's not a "in a year" thing, because if I don't get my door painted this summer, (which is really when that project would need to be done) then I still have two more summers to do it! So I don't have to restrain myself with seasonal projects.

What would you put on your list? Anything you think needs to be on mine? (If you know me well enough, that is :) )


  1. I heard of this, but I just don't know that I could come up with 101 things to accomplish in just under 3 years. I'm bad about planning for the future!

  2. Hi There! I like your list so far! I definitely don't think it's cheating to make one of your items "finish 101 things list" - it's on my list too! I think finishing the list will be one of my biggest accomplishments! Good luck! I'll definitely be checking out your blog more :)



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