Monday, January 4, 2010


Break is over. All around, it was a good break, except that I got laid up with a really bad cold, and finished up my break by dwelling on the couch, watching a Doctor Who marathon on BBC America. I did manage to get some things done, some of them even off my winter break checklist.

I actually accomplished quite a bit, and changed some too.

staining the wood wall (we canceled this in favor of painting the cabinet black)
filling in the gaps in the chair rail with painter's caulk
moving the stereo upstairs
making some throw pillows for the couch (if I can convince a sewer to come over with a sewing machine)
drilling some holes in the walls to move the cords into the closet behind it
exchange our hd cords for a single hdmi cord on the cable box. (no need, it was hidden just fine)
school district mapping
build shelves yep, still proud!

Here's a sneak peek of the snazzily painted cabinet, with its shiny new pulls:
And think of me back at school with well-rested 7th graders!


  1. I did not see your original post or I would've volunteered earlier. I happen to own a sewing machine and would be delighted to help with the pillows!

  2. N is going out of town Valentine's day weekend, we could have a girl's weekend and sew!



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